Some helpful tools which help you for website design

These days most of the people will go online and do research on products and companies before they make a purchase, if you don’t have a website for your product then you are out on all of this likely business. So making a website for your business is very important in online marketing. The smart thing to do is to hire the services of a specialized web design company as you will draw mileage out of their experience and knowledge. These help not only in achieving healthy functionality in your website but also simplify the process of developing your website. The below are some of the wonderful tools which help you in web designing.
HTML – HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language, it is the basic building block of a webpage. Main mark-up language for displaying web pages and other information that can be displayed in a web browser. XHTML is advanced version of this mark-up language. The purpose of a web browser is to read HTML documents and compose them into visible or audible web pages. The browser does not display the HTML tags, but uses the tags to interpret the content of the page.
JavaScript – JavaScript is the world’s most popular scripting language. It is the language for HTML and the web, for servers, PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and more which is used to add interactivity to HTML pages and is considered a client side scripting language. It comes in handy when you want to add interactive to the images and objects that are being used on the HTML website such as slideshows.
CSS – CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet, used for describing the presentation semantics of a document written in a mark-up language. Its most common application is to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML, but the language can also be applied to any kind of XML document defines the look of the webpage on the browser by complementing HTML codes.
Flash – This is another tool which is a popular authoring software developed by Macromedia, is used to create vector graphics-based animation programs with full-screen navigation interfaces, graphic illustrations, and simple interactivity in an antialiased, resizable file format that is small enough to stream across a normal modem connection.
PHP – PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. It is probably the most popular server side scripting language on the web. It is used to enhance web pages.PHP supports many databases (MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid, PostgreSQL, Generic ODBC, etc.). The best things in using PHP are that it is extremely simple for a newcomer, but offers many advanced features for a professional programmer.
SEO- While looking for the best web designer makes sure that they have a person or department on staffs that understands search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. SEO is the process of optimizing your site so that it doesn’t get buried in the millions of available sites just like yours on the internet. Make sure they have a strong SEO department and that they apply SEO to all pages as well as the site’s information architecture.
Other than the above tools, .NET, ASP, SQL etc and so many other tools are available for custom web development.

WordPress 4.1.1 Maintenance Release

WordPress 4.1.1 Maintenance version released now. This maintenance release fixes 21 bugs in version 4.1. But 4.1 was a smooth-sailing release and have been downloaded over 14 million times within the last two months. One of the bugs fixed is an issue where a tag and a category with the same name could get muddled and prevent each other from being updated.
For a full list of changes, consult the list of tickets and the change log. We fixed one annoying issue where a tag and a category with the same name could get muddled and prevent each other from being updated. There are a handful of contributors to this release, but the one that sticks out is Kim Parsell. She helped to fix a bug where an old picture file needed to be apart from core.
Updates are slowly rolling out and if you are one of the millions already running WordPress 4.1 and your site, it should update within the next 72 hours. If not, visit Dashboard ? Updates and simply click “Update now.”

Things to be considered before choosing a wordpress developer for your website development?

Choosing a talented WordPress Developer for your website development is little bit difficult job. Many things you have to consider before hiring a wordpress developer for your job. So we will help you by giving some useful tips to choose a dedicated wordpress developer for your dream website development.

First, you should have a basic idea about the thing that you want to develop. Based on that you can search some similar websites that will help the developer to get your ideas easily. Developers are not doing the complete process of developing a website. They are just developing website from the PSD files. So first you have to divide your project to two part Design part & development part.

Work experience
It’s important to find a web design company that has experience. You can measure this in years, number of clients and also through the quality their web design portfolio.

Responsive Design
Now people are more comfortable with mobile devices than desktop devices. So making a responsive design for your website is very important in online marketing. Select an expert who is ready to design & develop your site as responsive.

Browser Support
There are lots of browsers available now. But some people are still using the oldest versions & some people are using the latest versions. So your site should be supported by all the browsers.

Yes, cost is also an important factor when choosing a talented web developer for your website development. But choosing low cost plan is not at all a good idea. you will get what you pay for. So choosing the best developer at affordable price is a good practice.

Maintenance & Support

Technical support must be a part of development plan. There are types of technical support person-to-person, phone in support, email support or online support etc. & Some developer provide 24 ours technical support after completing the development side& others don’t. So select a developer who provides technical support for your website at any time without any cost.

WordPress Version 4.0 “Benny”

WordPress Version 4.0 “Benny” named for jazz musician Benny Goodman, was released On September 4, 2014. Using this version Writing and editing is more smoother with an editor, Media Grid view option (default) for Media Library, “Bulk Select” button to Media Grid view to delete multiple items, Color picker was re-added to the Visual editor, Display plugins list as grid, with thumbnails, on Add New screen, Improved keyboard accessibility in the Add Media panel, mp4 file extension was added to allowed upload file types etc. are the new features of wordpress4.0 version.
There are more than 30,000 free and open source plugins in the WordPress plugin directory. WordPress 4.0 makes it easier to find the right one for your needs.

WordPress 3.9 “Smith” Released

New version of WordPress(Version 3.9), named as “Smith” in honor of jazz organist Jimmy Smith, is released and is now available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. The new wordpress version has improved visual editor’s speed, accessibility, and mobile support. It will help you to paste into the visual editor from your word processor without wasting time to clean up messy styling. Now it is very fast to edit your images while editing posts with quicker access to rotation and crop tools. You can also scale images directly in the editor to find just the right fit. And it’s much easier to upload your images by just drag and drop them in to the editor.

Custom Plugins Developed by

Hire wp guru team developed some interesting custom wordpress plug-in like mouse over plug-in, WP Custom Voting plug-in, WP Alert plug-in, WP Quick Contact Plug-in, WP Quick Contact Plug-in etc. Go through the below article to know more about it.

Mouse Over Plug-in For Freemouse over plugin
Mouse over Plug-in is another plug-in from Hirewordpressguru team. It is the easiest way to grab your visitors’ attention! It allows you to add images, icons, texts and links in a beautiful and smart way on your pages, posts, sidebars and widgets. Upload your images, set text and links, place the short-code and you done! Free version allows creating one short-code, uploading 2 icons and placing them in posts or pages only.
Mouse over Plug-in Premium allows you to:
• Unlimited short-codes to place anywhere on the website
• Place the short-code on sidebars and widgets
• Upload your images or use built-in graphics
• Write your own text
• Link images and text anywhere
• Choose backgrounds and sizes
• Simply place a short code anywhere in your posts, pages, widgets or sidebars.
Please Click Here For Free Download

WP Custom Voting Plug-in For Freewp custom voting plugin

WP Custom Voting is another plug-in from Hirewordpressguru team. This plug-in is meant for admin to bring the feature of VOTING to their posts or pages. Admin can set the button label before and after voting both for pages and posts. All votes are IP tracked, so same user can’t vote twice for the same post or page buttons.

The admin can choose the position of the voting buttons on top, bottom or both of the page or post. The site visitor can also view the total votes along with the button same as in facebook.
• WP Custom Voting Plug-in allows you to:
• Write your own text
• Choose font colour
• Choose button position
Please Click Here To Free Download.

WP Alert Plug-in For Freewp alert plugin

WP Alert is another plug-in from Hirewordpressguru team. It is the easiest way to grab your visitors’ attention! It allows you to add images, icons, texts and links in a beautiful and smart way on your pages, posts. Upload your images, set text and links; use it on home, page or post and you done!

You may use it in many ways: Navigation or sub-menu Social tool bar Buy / Download buttons Portfolio and image gallery and many more!
WP Alert Plug-in allows you to:
• Write your own text
• Link images and text anywhere
• Choose backgrounds colour and font sizes
• Simply place in your posts, pages.
Please Click Here To Free Download

WP Quick Contact Uswp quick contact us plugin
WP Quick Contact Plug-in is a simple pop up contact form. User can use it to send message with their phone no:, Email-id, Subject. The admin side consist of ‘To’, ‘BCC’ and ‘Subject’ fields. Another Plug-in Developed by Hire WordPress Guru Team
WP Quick Contact Plug-in allows you to Simply place in your posts, pages.

Please Click Here To Free Download

WP Domain Redirect plug-inwp domain redirect plugin

WP Domain Redirect plug-in is another plug-in from Hirewordpressguru team by WordPress Developer; it is used to redirect your domain based on country. It will catch the IP address of the system and identify the country and it will redirect to the domain intended for that country.
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How to do Google Authorship for Websites

Google authorship on Google+ can help you to higher rankings and more traffic to your website.Now Google authorship is very important step in seo, it will automatically boost high traffic to your website. Its very simple to add Google authorship for your website, you can do it in only two steps. First, you add a link from your website or page to your Google profile. Second, you update your Google profile by adding a link back to your site.

1. Link your content to your Google profile

First you create a link to your Google profile from your webpage:

<a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a>
Replace [profile_url] with the your Google Profile URL, like this:

<a href=”
rel=author”>Hire wordpress developer</a>
Your link must contain the ?rel=author parameter. If it’s not there, Google won’t be able to associate your content with your Google profile.

2. Link to your content from your profile

The second step of the verification process is to add a reciprocal link back from your profile to the site(s) you just updated.

To add links to your Google profile:
Sign in to your Google profile.
Click Edit profile.
Click the Contributor To section on the right (depending on how many photos you have, you may need to scroll to see this section), and then click Add custom link.
If you want, change the visibility of your link, and then click Save.

after completing this process Google will take 2- 3 business day to add the changes to your website. you can find the example below.Google authorship

WordPress 3.8.1 Maintenance Release

After six weeks and more than 9.3 million downloads of WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.8.1 is Released.Version 3.8.1 is a maintenance releases that addresses 31 bugs in 3.8, including various fixes and improvements for the new dashboard design and new themes admin screen. An issue with taxonomy queries in WP_Query was resolved. And if you have been frustrated by submit buttons that won’t do anything when you click on them (or thought you were going crazy, like some of us), wordpress have found and fixed this “dead zone” on submit buttons. It also contains a fix for embedding tweets (by placing the URL to the tweet on its own line), which was broken due to a recent Twitter API change. (For more on Embeds, see the Codex.)

The importance of Keyword Research in SEO with example

Search engine optimization is very important in today’s competitive world’s internet market. Getting ranked in search engines is the simplest and easy way to advertise your website or product on internet. Without a proper seo optimization you won’t get ranked in search engines. So you should be very careful about your website’s seo optimization. Some good free seo plug-ins is available, that will help you to reduce the risk of on page optimization work. But before that you have to do a keyword research for your website.

Importance of keyword researchThe first and most important step in on page optimization is keyword research. The effective keyword research will boost high traffic to website and your website or product will be automatically marketed in internet. Seo is not always getting visitors to website, but it’s all about to get the targeted or relevant visitors to website. Keywords are the words which a user searches in search engines. Selecting the right keywords will help you to get useful visitors to your website. so first you have to identify a set of perfect keywords that should be relevant to the website page’s content and also that must be suitable to your website URL. After selecting the keywords set you can divide them in to two groups. That is one set of primary keywords and another set of secondary keywords. You can add the two or three most important keywords to the primary set. and least important keywords in secondary keyword’s list.
For example suppose is my website URL. So I should select a keywords that must be included the words “Hire” & “WordPress”. “Hire wordpress” is a 2 words perfect keyword but what i need is the person, group or company who is hunting or hiring for a wordpress designer or developer to develop their website. So i won’t get the targeted visitors for this keyword. That means it is not a meaningful keyword for my website. The next step is i should add one more word with my keyword to make it meaningful. The website is proving wordpress wed design & web development services. So I can use web design, web development, web designer, web developer etc. to my keyword. That means Hire WordPress Designer; Hire WordPress Developer, wordpress web design, wordpress web development etc. are the perfect keywords for my website. In that i can fix one or two main keywords as your primary keyword. That is Hire WordPress Designer and Hire WordPress Developer is my primary keywords.

Best 5 Contact form plug-in for WordPress

Are you really tired with your contact from? Here is the best five contact form plug-in for your wordpress websites. That will easily help you to manage your contact form. check out the below list.

Best 5 contact form plugin

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is the top best contact form plug-in for wordpress websites. It can easily manage multiple contact forms. The form support Ajax submission, it have a simple and build in CAPTCHA and provide akismet spam filtering and file upload capabilities etc. It is flexible to the use of simple mark-up and you can add new fields and customize the contact form at any time. The contact form7 has been translated into Chainese, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Arabic languages and also it is transilation ready to several other languages.
Check the below link to download the latest version of Contact form 7.

WP Quick Contact

WP Quick Contact Plug-in is a best and simple pop up contact form for your wordpress website. User can use it to send message with their phone no:, Email-id, Subject. The admin side consist of ‘To’, ‘BCC’ and ‘Subject’ fields. It is another Plug-in Developed by Hire WordPress Guru Team.
Go to the below link to download the latest free version of WP Quick Contact Plug-in.

Fast Secure Contact Form

It is another simple contact form plug-in. Very easy to create and add forms to WordPress. Fields are easy to add, remove, and re-order. The contact form allow the user to send emails to a site’s admin, and also send a meeting request to talk over phone or video. Support multiple forms, you can add any type of extra fields, very easy to edit form, help you to send confirmation emails, have default CAPTCHA and Akismet support.
Visit the below link to download the latest free version of Fast Secure Contact Form plug-in.

Custom Contact Forms

The best and new feature of Custom contact form plug-in is you can rearrange fields with a drag-and-drop interface. And it supports required fields, CAPTHA, tooltip popovers, unlimited fields/forms/form styles, file upload field, redesigned admin panel, use a custom thank you page or built-in popover with a custom success message set for each form. You can customize borders, padding, sizes, and colours of your form without using CSS.
Go through the below link to download the latest free version of Custom Contact Forms.

Easy Contact Forms

Easy Contact Forms plug-in is the best visitor friendly contact form plug-in for wordpress websites. It support various contact form field types and have field customization tools and advanced contact form entry management tool. Forms are anti-spam protection and have multiple data validation layers, multiple contact form management. Very easy to use GUI like Ajax based contact form settings, advanced data filtering and scrolling, Tab based interfaces and Splash screens and tooltips.
Visit the below link to get the latest free version of Easy Contact Forms plug-in.