The importance of Keyword Research in SEO with example

Search engine optimization is very important in today’s competitive world’s internet market. Getting ranked in search engines is the simplest and easy way to advertise your website or product on internet. Without a proper seo optimization you won’t get ranked in search engines. So you should be very careful about your website’s seo optimization. Some good free seo plug-ins is available, that will help you to reduce the risk of on page optimization work. But before that you have to do a keyword research for your website.

Importance of keyword researchThe first and most important step in on page optimization is keyword research. The effective keyword research will boost high traffic to website and your website or product will be automatically marketed in internet. Seo is not always getting visitors to website, but it’s all about to get the targeted or relevant visitors to website. Keywords are the words which a user searches in search engines. Selecting the right keywords will help you to get useful visitors to your website. so first you have to identify a set of perfect keywords that should be relevant to the website page’s content and also that must be suitable to your website URL. After selecting the keywords set you can divide them in to two groups. That is one set of primary keywords and another set of secondary keywords. You can add the two or three most important keywords to the primary set. and least important keywords in secondary keyword’s list.
For example suppose is my website URL. So I should select a keywords that must be included the words “Hire” & “WordPress”. “Hire wordpress” is a 2 words perfect keyword but what i need is the person, group or company who is hunting or hiring for a wordpress designer or developer to develop their website. So i won’t get the targeted visitors for this keyword. That means it is not a meaningful keyword for my website. The next step is i should add one more word with my keyword to make it meaningful. The website is proving wordpress wed design & web development services. So I can use web design, web development, web designer, web developer etc. to my keyword. That means Hire WordPress Designer; Hire WordPress Developer, wordpress web design, wordpress web development etc. are the perfect keywords for my website. In that i can fix one or two main keywords as your primary keyword. That is Hire WordPress Designer and Hire WordPress Developer is my primary keywords.